water_splash_png_by_starlaa1-d51fsk1Not everyone lives in their homes all their lives, so it’s expected from some people to change the homes they are living in. They sell the old house and buy a new house, but do you know what happens with the bills for the utilities? Your mobile phone is easy to change – all you have to do is call the provider and notify them, but what will you do with the rest of the bills that are declared on your old address?

Let’s see what you can do when you change your address regarding the water bills, because this is indeed one of the most useful utilities you have in a house.

When You Move Out

Moving out is a frequent situation, and just like you take care of the bills for your mobile phone, you’ll also have to take care of your water bills. You will have to let your water company know that you’ve moved out, when and where exactly, because they need to have an evidence of the owner of the house to know who uses the water there.

For those houses that have a water meter, you need to notify the water company with about five days in advance to let then have one final reading. This will help you pay exactly what you have used, and they will also know when you move out. If you don’t do this, you might be asked to pay for all the water that was used on that property, and that’s not something that you’ll like doing. To move out the company Anglian Water will be more then happy to help you out. Please give the Anglian Water contact number a ring to get all informations you need.


When You Buy a New Home

There are two situations here – first of all, you can move in an area that has the same water provider as the one you used to use before moving. When this happens, you need to notify them about your new address, so that they can charge you and get a new contract.

If you move into another area where there is a new provider, you’ll have to go to them and tell them that you’ve moved there. They will come and take the reading from the water meter, if there is one, and they will also give you a contract to sign. Make sure you read everything before signing, so that you know exactly how you will be charged.

The Water Meter

We’ve already told you what you have to do if your house has a water meter and you sell it. Now, when you move into a new house that has a water meter, you can’t ask the water company to remove it. water-dropHowever, they will come when you notify them (and make sure you do this as soon as possible after you move there) and take the reading from the water meter. They will charge you for what you have to pay from that moment on, as the former owner will pay for the water that was used up until that point.

The Sewerage Charge

As you certainly know, every house owner pays a sewerage charge. There are also two possible situations here – you can have this utility provided by the same water company or by different water companies.

If you happen to have the same water company provider, you will get one bill for everything – water and sewerage. However, if there are two different companies that provide water and sewerage services, you will also get two bills. Don’t forget to look out for this when you change the houses, because you’ll have to know exactly where you are paying and to whom.

Don’t worry too much about this, because it’s extremely easy – in just one day you can solve all your situations regarding moving your water bills from one address to another.