Water is extremely essential for everyone, as you are made of more than 75% water. You need it to wash in the morning, keep the house clean, water the plants and so on. Even some of the HVAC systems work with water, so it’s extremely essential to have it running in your house.

When you change the locations, like when you buy a new house, you will make sure that all the utilities are working, water included. However, sometimes, there can be some problems with the water – it can stop running, it can be very dirty or a pipe might get broken.

Let’s see what you can do when you have a water emergency, simple and easy.

When There Is No Water

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and you want to make a shower. If there is no water, what do you do? Do you just stay there and do nothing? Or do you try to solve the problem? Many people don’t realize that this is an important utility and it is the responsibility of a water provider. There is a specialized company who takes care of it, and if the problem is coming from them, they are the ones who have to solve it.



Now, if there is no water, you have two options – you can call the water company and ask them what is wrong. Sometimes, they have different things that they have to solve in their infrastructure, and that’s one of the reason why there is no water. Other times, there might be other problems along the neighborhood and the water might be stopped for a certain period of time. If they know about it, they will give you an answer right away. However, if they don’t know about the problem, they will send a team to check out what is wrong with it.

The other option is to call for a plumber, as you might have your own problem inside the house.

When a Pipe is Broken

If a pipe is broken, plenty of damage can take place. First of all, the water is the first source of mold if it starts leaking somewhere and a broken pipe does exactly this – helps the mold spread throughout the house.

Water-runningIf you have a broken pipe, the best thing to do is to call for a plumber as that is the only person who is specially equipped to help you out. If you call the water provider, they will give you the same advice. As you don’t want to have an inside environment that is not safe for you and your family to live in, the plumber will identify your leak and solve the situation immediately. If it’s needed, he or she will contact the water company and ask them to stop providing water for a certain period of time until the situation is solved.

However, most of the times, a broken pipe is easily to change – the plumber will inspect every corner of the house and look for mold signs, leaks and humidity. Where the leak will be identified, that portion of pipe will be changed with a new one and your environment will be safe again. However, if there has passed more time since you have identified the leak until you have repaired it, make sure you clean the place and use special solutions to treat the mold.

You need to pay increased attention to this utility, not only because it is essential for your life, but also because you simply can’t live in a house that has no water connection. Use it wisely and take care of everything related to it!